Random Forests Secondary Structure Assignment for Coarse-Grained and All-Atom Protein Systems

Result Page
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Assigned Secondary Structure, 3-Class* System [ Download ]
Frames|Secondary Structures* Assigned to the Residues
* c = coil (39.393 %); h = helix (24.982 %); s = sheet (35.625 %)

Assigned Secondary Structure, 7-Class** System [ Download ]
Frames|Secondary Structures** Assigned to the Residues
** H = alpha helix; B = beta bridge; E = strand; G = helix-3;
I = helix-5; T = turn; S = bend; - = unknown

Distribution of the Assigned Secondary Structures, 3-Class System
Position the mouse pointer on the chart to see each residue name, residue ID, frequency of sheets/helixes/coils [F(Sheet)/F(Helixes)/F(Coils)] for each residue, and probability of sheets/helixes/coils [P(Sheet)/P(Helixes)/P(Coils)] for each residue.

Visualization of the Molecule Based on the Assigned Secondary Structures***

*** Right-click on the structure to see more options. Frame 1 is shown first. If you submitted more than one frame, you would be able step through and view each of the frames by using the navigation options on the right-hand side. The navigation options are visbile only if you submitted more than one frame. You may find this example interesting.

Sheets are shown in red.
Helixes are shown in blue.
Coils are shown in green.