Random Forests Secondary Structure Assignment for Coarse-Grained and All-Atom Protein Systems

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NOTE: Secondary Structure (SS) assignment is done for amino acids alone, and only the first chain of every frame is read and processed so as to avoid confusing the user. If you must work with many chains, you must submit them separately (otherwise only the first chain will be processed).
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Sample Results
[1] Unfolding of a Native Protein to a Fully-Stretched Form.
[2] Trajectory from a Search for Folding/Melting Temperature of a Protein.
[3] Trajectory from a Monte Carlo Simulation of a Protein.
Be sure to step through the frame-to-frame visualizations of each molecule at the end of each page.

Citation: Salawu, E. O. (2016). RaFoSA: Random forests secondary structure assignment for coarse-grained and all-atom protein systems. Cogent Biology, 2: 1214061. DOI 10.1080/23312025.2016.1214061. [PDF] [Web Server] [Source Code]