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Research Interests

We welcome voluntary contributions.
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Cellular Automata

Theoretical study of cellular automata. Application of cellular automata.

Computer Vision

Image processing. Image moments. Feature extraction. Machine learning.

Web Indexing

Web crawling algorithms. Big data preprocessing and indexing. Information retrieval. Search engines.

Computational Epidemiology

Coexistence of causes of mortality and morbidity. Survival analysis.

Malaria Research

Drug retargeting. Inhibition of plasmodium proteins by small molecules.

Machine Learning

Support vector machines. Random forests classification/regression. Gaussian process classification/regression. Deep learning.

Software and Web Development

We offer Compter Programing services and consultation. We can get you full-time/part-time/freelance computer programmers for C++, Python, Android App Development, iOS App Dev., Web Develoment (fron-end, and back-end), Image Analysis, Data Science etc.


We offer computer programing, web develoment (fron-end, and back-end), mobile app development trainings.
We offer machine learning and statistics training and services.

Research Collaboration

We are happy to collaborate with researchers and companies working on cutting edge technologies and computational sciences.
We can write computer programs for experimentation, and run simulations for testing ideas.

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